Sex Ed: The Truth About Circumcision

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May 22, 2009





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Some men are circumcised and some aren't - should you get circumcised? Does it hurt? What's the right age for circumcision? Will it improve sexual pleasure or increase the risk of getting STD's? What's the truth? More Sex Tips and Advice at
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November 26, 2011

jennifer is talking as if she's got a dick.. i got a big circumcised dick and would very much like to put that in her blonde ass hole and make her say yes yes yes

April 20, 2013

I'm a woman I prefer an uncircumcised penis, it is beautiful. The way it should be. And it is more fun to give oral sex to It is not easier to clean... that is a myth!!!!!! Women love an intact man, and if they sa they don't it is because of society!!!

September 10, 2010

haha these two morons have absolutely no knowledge in life , scince prved by experment that circumsicion reduce the probability of getting infected by Aids to 50 % , and these experments were done in south africa and kenya , two of the highst number of Aids patients , also it reduce the probaility of having penis canced by three times , and i read an article that new york city is couraging ppl to have thier babys circumsised , and those who says it hurt the kids , i think appendix also hrts and now surgical techniques are greatly improved that will make the baby feel absolutely nothing

March 29, 2014

Im proud to be circumcised, Far cleaner, and way better looking!

March 13, 2014

Dear Dan, Dear Jenn I must say that your opinion is very one sided! I am (with my 31 years) going to be circumcised because I have a very mild case of frenulum breve! I never used to be able to understand what the people were going on about sex being so great because all I had was pain and very seldomly did I reach my climax because of the fricken pain. Secondly it is more hygenic! I bet there is no man that can honestly say that he did not forget to pull the foreskin back when washing. Just in the showerroom of the fitnesscenter I saw that almost all of the young men washed around...