Lesbea Dark and sultry young lesbian

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Date Added: April 20, 2012
Date Featured: April 27, 2012
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This a mix of two Lesbea scenes with Tess, a young firm and sexy lesbian with a heated intensity to her look. We are very excited about new girl Tess, we think she is a real find! A beautiful young brunette with a stunning body and a really cool and enthusiastic attitude! What more can we ask for! Brandy relishes the chance to be one of the first to take her in the bedroom and ravish her with loving and adoring kisses. Tess responds immediately, loving every moment and being able to totally let herself go in the scene, avoiding the temptation to just 'perform' and instead really getting into what she is doing. When the girls start behaving like there is no camera in the room, we know we're onto something! Brandy is keen to eat pussy and she spends some time devouring Tess, but she wants to be face-to-face when the young girl has her orgasm so she moves into a spoon position and fingers her deeply until she reaches her climax. Let us know what you think of Tess! We think you're going to love her! Lisa reveals Tess's wonderful physique. She has a tight body and an even tighter arse. As she sprawls forward before Lisa on the bed and her bum pushes up into the air a little we are granted with a glimpse of the gateway to heaven. When she spreads her legs teasingly she reveals the soft surrounds of her pussy, still tantalizingly covered ever so slight by her panties. Lisa cannot restrain herself and proceeds to orally explore Tess, focusing on her juicy peach, spreading her cheeks and savoring the sight. She spoons up behind to give her an orgasm, holding on tight as Tess's body writhes and wriggles in front of her.
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August 18, 2012

Yes, more fingering and mutual masturbation. Love it, my pussy is so wet...

June 8, 2012

so sexy pure lust

May 1, 2012

9:10 the best pussy i have ever seen

September 1, 2015


September 10, 2012

To the various women who have posted over the past three months. First I must say congratulations on finding the things you have wanted most In this tine of your lives and I do hope the happiness continues. That said, I feel I must ask something, why stay married To your husbands if the marriage no longer holds meanIng to you. I am only 20 years on this planet and have been with my girlfriend for almost 2 years, I have had my doubts but never once did I desire to be unfaithful even in the moments where I was almost sure we would end. As I have read the comments I am torn because I find it good that you are happy but I can not help but feel for your husbands who know nothing of what happens, if they do know and are fine with it then I see no qualms in what you do however. But as one who has been cheated on by someone I felt I loved and who I felt loved me back I can say it pushed me to attempt taking my own life. If you do not feel as If you are in love with your husbands then it seems to me only right to end the marriage. By not doing so you are depriving him the chance to find the happiness that you have found in someone else, and in the event he is an asshole why be with him anyways? You would do better to be rid of him if that is the case. I do hope you do not take my comment the wrong way, it is just I see things from your view and understand your desire for happiness with another woman, and i am all for it, but as having been someone on the other side Of the fence, even if it was my drama filled teen years, and knowing how the betrayal feels, how it becomes an empty hole in your chest where your heart should be that threatens to consume the whole of you, I can no help but feel for the husbands who nothing if what goes on when they are at work.